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-- Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) file for MT9044
-- File name: MT9044.bsd
-- Device: Digital PLL
-- BSDL revision: 1.0
-- Author: Ghislain Dufour modified by TNV Sept/ 2001
-- Date created: October,1999
-- Packages : 44 pin MQFP
--                        IMPORTANT NOTICE
--  ZARLINK and MT9044 are trademarks of ZARLINK Semiconductor. ZARLINK products
--  marketed under trademarks are protected under numerous US and foreign
--  patents and pending applications, maskwork rights, and copyrights.
--  ZARLINK reserves the right to make changes to any products and services
--  at any time without notice.  ZARLINK assumes no responsibility or
--  liability arising out of the application or use of any information,
--  product, or service described herein except as expressly agreed to
--  in writing by ZARLINK Semiconductor. ZARLINK customers are advised to obtain
--  the latest version of device specifications before relying on any
--  published information and before placing orders for products or services.
entity MT9044 is
   generic (PHYSICAL_PIN_MAP: string:="MQFP_PACKAGE");
   port (
  	  gto		:       out bit;
	  holdover	:       out bit;
          c6 		:       out bit;
     	  c16		:       out bit;
	  c8 		:       out bit;
	  ackout	:       out bit;
	  c19		:       out bit;
 	  c4 		:       out bit;
	  c2 		:       out bit;
 	  c3 		:       out bit;
	  c15		:       out bit;
	  stfp8		:       out bit;
	  tsp		:       out bit;
	  stfp2		:       out bit;
 	  rsp		:       out bit;
     	  gcifp8	:       out bit;
 	  rstb		:       in  bit;
	  frqsel1	:       in  bit;
  	  frqsel2	:       in  bit;
	  refsel	:       in  bit;
 	  modsel1	:       in  bit;
	  modsel2	:       in  bit;
	  loss1		:       in  bit;
 	  loss2		:       in  bit;
	  gti  		:       in  bit;
	  arefi		:       in  bit;
	  priref	:       in  bit;
	  secref	:       in  bit;
          tclrb		:       in  bit;
TMS, TDI, TCK		: 	  in  bit;
	  TRSTn		:	  in  bit;
          TDO 		:  	  out bit;
	  VDD		: 	  linkage bit_vector (1 to 2);
	  GND		:	  linkage bit_vector (1 to 4)


use STD_1149_1_1990.all; -- Get standard attributes and definitions

attribute PIN_MAP of MT9044: entity is PHYSICAL_PIN_MAP;

"gto:26, holdover:23, c6:21, c16:20, c8:19," &
"ackout:18, c19:15, c4:14, c2:13, c3:12, " &
"c15:10, stfp8:9, tsp:8, stfp2:7, rsp:6, gcifp8:5,"&
"rstb:37, frqsel1:35, frqsel2:34, refsel:32, modsel1:31, " &
"modsel2:30, loss1:28, loss2:27, gti:24, arefi:16, " &
"priref:44, secref:43, tclrb:41,"&

--TAP Controller Pins:
"TCK:40, TMS:38, TDI:36, TDO:29, TRSTn:42, " &

--Power Pins:
"VDD:(1, 22), "&
"GND:(39, 4, 17, 25)";
--NC: No Connection Pins:

--Scan port identification
attribute TAP_SCAN_IN 		of TDI   : signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_MODE 	of TMS   : signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_OUT 		of TDO   : signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_RESET 	of TRSTn : signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_CLOCK 	of TCK   : signal is (16.0e6, BOTH);

--TAP Description
attribute INSTRUCTION_LENGTH of MT9044 : entity is 3;
attribute INSTRUCTION_OPCODE of MT9044 : entity is
"BYPASS (111),"&
"EXTEST (000),"&
"IDCODE (001),"& --Different
"SAMPLE (010)";

attribute INSTRUCTION_CAPTURE of MT9044: entity is "001";
-- there is no INSTRUCTION_DISABLE attribute for MT9044
-- there is no INSTRUCTION_PRIVATE attribute for MT9044
-- idcode registers in MT9044 rev A.
attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of MT9044: entity is
"0000" &
"1001000001000100" &
"00010100101" & "1";

attribute REGISTER_ACCESS of MT9044: entity is
"BYPASS (BYPASS)," & -- 1149.1 bypass
"BOUNDARY (EXTEST, SAMPLE)"; -- 1149.1 extest & sample

-- The first cell is close to TDO
attribute BOUNDARY_CELLS of MT9044: entity is "BC_1, BC_4";
attribute BOUNDARY_LENGTH of MT9044: entity is 29;
attribute BOUNDARY_REGISTER of MT9044: entity is

-- num  cell  port function safe [ccell disval rslt]
-- -- -- ----- ---- --- ----
   "0    (BC_1, gto,      output2, X),"&
   "1    (BC_1, holdover, output2, X),"&
   "2    (BC_1, c6,       output2, X),"&
   "3    (BC_1, c16,      output2, X),"&
   "4    (BC_1, c8,       output2, X),"&
   "5    (BC_1, ackout,   output2, X),"&
   "6    (BC_1, c19,      output2, X),"&
   "7    (BC_1, c4,       output2, X),"&
   "8    (BC_1, c2,       output2, X),"&
   "9    (BC_1, c3,       output2, X),"&
   "10   (BC_1, c15,      output2, X),"&
   "11   (BC_1, stfp8,    output2, X),"&
   "12   (BC_1, tsp,      output2, X),"&
   "13   (BC_1, stfp2,    output2, X),"&
   "14   (BC_1, rsp,      output2, X),"&
   "15   (BC_1, gcifp8,   output2, X),"&
   "16   (BC_4, rstb,     input,   X),"&
   "17   (BC_4, frqsel1,  input,   X),"&
   "18   (BC_4, frqsel2,  input,   X),"&
   "19   (BC_4, refsel,   input,   X),"&
   "20   (BC_4, modsel1,  input,   X),"&
   "21   (BC_4, modsel2,  input,   X),"&
   "22   (BC_4, loss1,    input,   X),"&
   "23   (BC_4, loss2,    input,   X),"&
   "24   (BC_4, gti,      input,   X),"&
   "25   (BC_4, arefi,    input,   X),"&
   "26   (BC_4, priref,   input,   X),"&
   "27   (BC_4, secref,   input,   X),"&
   "28   (BC_4, tclrb,    input,   X)";

end MT9044;

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