BSDL Files Library for JTAG

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BSDL model: DS2155CSBGA

-- File Name		:DS2155CSBGA3.BSD
-- Created by		:Dallas Semiconductor
-- Documentation		:DS2155 series data sheets
-- BSDL Revision		:1.3
-- Date created	:04/30/01
-- Date modified	:08/29/2002
--                       06/22/2004
-- Device	      :DS21Q55CSBGA
-- Package	      :100-pin CSBGA
-- Dallas Semiconductor customers are advised to obtain the latest version of 
-- device specifications before relying on any published information contained 
-- herein. Dallas Semiconductor assumes no responsibility or liability arising 
-- out of the application of any information described herein.
-- Dallas Semiconductor customers are advised to check the revision of the
-- device they will be using.  All the codes for the device revisions are
-- herein this BSDL file.
-- The characters "/", "(", ")" and "*" have been removed from signal names for 
-- compatibility with BSDL file format.
entity DS2155CSBGA is
generic (PHYSICAL_PIN_MAP : string := "CSBGA_100");

port (
RCHBLK	:buffer bit;
JTMS		:in bit;
BPCLK	:buffer bit;
JTCLK		:in bit;
JTRST		:in bit;
RCL	:buffer bit;
JTDI		:in bit;
UOP0	:buffer bit;
UOP1	:buffer bit;
JTDO		:out bit;
BTS		:in bit;
LIUC		:in bit;
CLK8X	:buffer bit;
TSTRST		:in bit;
UOP2	:buffer bit;
RTIP		:in bit;
RRING		:in bit;
MCLK		:in bit;
XTALD	:buffer bit;
UOP3	:buffer bit;
INT		:out bit;
TTIP	:buffer bit;
TRING	:buffer bit;
TCHBLK	:buffer bit;
TLCLK	:buffer bit;
TLINK		:in bit;
ESIBS0		:inout bit;
TSYNC		:inout bit;
TPOSI		:in bit;
TNEGI		:in bit;
TCLKI		:in bit;
TCLKO	:buffer bit;
TNEGO	:buffer bit;
TPOSO	:buffer bit;
TCLK		:in bit;
TSER		:in bit;
TSIG		:in bit;
TESO	:buffer bit;
TDATA		:in bit;
TSYSCLK		:in bit;
TSSYNC		:in bit;
TCHCLK	:buffer bit;
ESIBS1		:inout bit;
MUX		:in bit;
D0AD0		:inout bit;
D1AD1		:inout bit;
D2AD2		:inout bit;
D3AD3		:inout bit;
D4AD4		:inout bit;
D5AD5		:inout bit;
D6AD6		:inout bit;
D7AD7		:inout bit;
A0		:in bit;
A1		:in bit;
A2		:in bit;
A3		:in bit;
A4		:in bit;
A5		:in bit;
A6		:in bit;
ALEASA7 	:in bit;
RDDS 		:in bit;
CS		:in bit;
ESIBRD		:inout bit;
WRRW		:in bit;
RLINK	:buffer bit;
RLCLK	:buffer bit;
RCLK	:buffer bit;
RDATA	:buffer bit;
RPOSI		:in bit;
RNEGI		:in bit;
RCLKI		:in bit;
RCLKO	:buffer bit;
RNEGO	:buffer bit;
RPOSO	:buffer bit;
RCHCLK	:buffer bit;
RSIGF	:buffer bit;
RSIG	:buffer bit;
RSER	:buffer bit;
RMSYNC	:buffer bit;
RFSYNC	:buffer bit;
RSYNC		:inout bit;
RLOSLOTC :buffer bit;
RSYSCLK	:in bit;
VDD		:linkage bit_vector(1 to 6);
VSS		:linkage bit_vector(1 to 6)

use STD_1149_1_1994.all;
attribute COMPONENT_CONFORMANCE of DS2155CSBGA : entity is

attribute PIN_MAP of DS2155CSBGA : entity is PHYSICAL_PIN_MAP;
constant CSBGA_100 : PIN_MAP_STRING :=

"VDD:(A9, B3, B6, C4, E4, D11),"&
"VSS:(A5, B7, B9, D4, D5, C5)";

attribute TAP_SCAN_IN of JTDI		:signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_MODE of JTMS		:signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_OUT of JTDO		:signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_RESET of JTRST	:signal is true;
attribute TAP_SCAN_CLOCK of JTCLK	:signal is (10.00e6,BOTH);

attribute INSTRUCTION_LENGTH of DS2155CSBGA	:entity is 3;
attribute INSTRUCTION_OPCODE of DS2155CSBGA	:entity is
"EXTEST (000),"&
"BYPASS (111),"&
"SAMPLE (010),"&
"IDCODE (001),"&
"CLAMP (011),"&
"HIGHZ (100)";

attribute INSTRUCTION_CAPTURE of DS2155CSBGA :entity is "001";

attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of DS2155CSBGA :entity is
--"0000"&				-- 4-bit Version for A1
--"0001"&                       -- 4-bit Version for A2
--"0010"&                       -- 4-bit Version for A3
"0011"&                       -- 4-bit Version for B1
--"XXXX"&                       -- 4-bit Version for any revision
"0000000000010000"&	-- 16-bit Part Number
"00010100001"&		-- 11-bit Manufacturer's Identity
"1";				-- Mandatory LSB

attribute BOUNDARY_LENGTH of DS2155CSBGA :entity is 78;
attribute BOUNDARY_REGISTER of DS2155CSBGA :entity is 

"0	(BC_1, RCL,output2,X),"&
"1	(BC_1, BPCLK,output2,X),"&
"2	(BC_1, RCHBLK,output2,X),"&
"3	(BC_1, RSYSCLK,input,X),"&
"4	(BC_1, RLOSLOTC,output2,X),"&
"5	(BC_7, RSYNC,bidir,0,6,0,Z),"&
"6	(BC_2, *,control,0),"&
"7	(BC_1, RFSYNC,output2,X),"&
"8	(BC_1, RMSYNC,output2,X),"&
"9	(BC_1, RSER,output2,X),"&
"10	(BC_1, RSIG,output2,X),"&
"11	(BC_1, RSIGF,output2,X),"&
"12	(BC_1, RCHCLK,output2,X),"&
"13	(BC_1, RPOSO,output2,X),"&
"14	(BC_1, RNEGO,output2,X),"&
"15	(BC_1, RCLKO,output2,X),"&
"16	(BC_1, RCLKI,input,X),"&
"17	(BC_1, RNEGI,input,X),"&
"18	(BC_1, RPOSI,input,X),"&
"19	(BC_1, RDATA,output2,X),"&
"20	(BC_1, RCLK,output2,X),"&
"21	(BC_1, RLCLK,output2,X),"&
"22	(BC_1, RLINK,output2,X),"&
"23	(BC_1, WRRW,input,X),"&
"24	(BC_7, ESIBRD,bidir,0,25,0,Z),"&
"25	(BC_2, *,control,0),"&
"26	(BC_1, CS,input,X),"&
"27	(BC_1, RDDS,input,X),"&
"28	(BC_1, ALEASA7,input,X),"&
"29	(BC_1, A6,input,X),"&
"30	(BC_1, A5,input,X),"&
"31	(BC_1, A4,input,X),"&
"32	(BC_1, A3,input,X),"&
"33	(BC_1, A2,input,X),"&
"34	(BC_1, A1,input,X),"&
"35	(BC_1, A0,input,X),"&
"36	(BC_7, D7AD7,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"37	(BC_7, D6AD6,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"38	(BC_7, D5AD5,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"39	(BC_7, D4AD4,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"40	(BC_7, D3AD3,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"41	(BC_7, D2AD2,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"42	(BC_7, D1AD1,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"43	(BC_7, D0AD0,bidir,0,44,0,Z),"&
"44	(BC_2, *,control,0),"&
"45	(BC_1, MUX,input,X),"&
"46	(BC_7, ESIBS1,bidir,0,47,0,Z),"&
"47	(BC_2, *,control,0),"&
"48	(BC_1, TCHCLK,output2,X),"&
"49	(BC_1, TSSYNC,input,X),"&
"50	(BC_1, TSYSCLK,input,X),"&
"51	(BC_1, TDATA,input,X),"&
"52	(BC_1, TESO,output2,X),"&
"53	(BC_1, TSIG,input,X),"&
"54	(BC_1, TSER,input,X),"&
"55	(BC_1, TCLK,input,X),"&
"56	(BC_1, TPOSO,output2,X),"&
"57	(BC_1, TNEGO,output2,X),"&
"58	(BC_1, TCLKO,output2,X),"&
"59	(BC_1, TCLKI,input,X),"&
"60	(BC_1, TNEGI,input,X),"&
"61 	(BC_1, TPOSI,input,X),"&
"62	(BC_7, TSYNC,bidir,0,63,0,Z),"&
"63	(BC_2, *,control,0),"&
"64	(BC_7, ESIBS0,bidir,0,65,0,Z),"&
"65	(BC_2, *,control,0),"&
"66	(BC_1, TLINK,input,X),"&
"67	(BC_1, TLCLK,output2,X),"&
"68	(BC_1, TCHBLK,output2,X),"&
"69	(BC_1, INT,output2,X),"&
"70	(BC_1, UOP3,output2,X),"&
"71	(BC_1, UOP2,output2,X),"&
"72	(BC_1, TSTRST,input,X),"&
"73	(BC_1, CLK8X,output2,X),"&
"74	(BC_1, LIUC,input,X),"&
"75	(BC_1, BTS,input,X),"&
"76	(BC_1, UOP1,output2,X),"&
"77	(BC_1, UOP0,output2,X)";
end DS2155CSBGA;