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  • AppSheet app makes Dashboard Builder for home-brewed projects (ElectronicsWeekly)
    I think this one deserves its place on Gadget Master, maybe as part of wider IoT or home automation projects... Its the AppSheet app. The post AppSheet app makes Dashboard Builder for home-brewed projects appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • Volkswagen’s Russian assets have been frozen (Evertiq)
    The german carmaker has been trying to wind down its Russian operation for basically a year, now another roadblock has hit VW as its assets in the country have been frozen by a Russian court.
  • Global fab equipment spending to recover in 2024 after 2023 slowdown (Evertiq)
    Global fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is expected to decrease 22% YoY to USD 76 billion in 2023 from a record high of USD 98 billion in 2022 before rising 21% YoY to USD 92 billion in 2024 to reclaim lost ground, SEMI reports.
  • Oxbotica hooks up with Goggo (ElectronicsWeekly)
     Goggo Network, which specialises in last and middle-mile autonomous transport logistics, is to introduce Oxbotica’s autonomous driving system into Goggo’s middle and last mile delivery operations in its key industries, including FMCG, shipping, groceries and food delivery. This will be deployed on-road, as part of Goggo’s EV network. The vehicles selected will have a maximum ... The post Oxbotica hooks up with Goggo appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • Lacroix is planning to sell its Signaling business (Evertiq)
    Lacroix intends to sell its Signaling segment – which represents 8% of Lacroix's revenue – in order to focus its investments on its strategic markets around industrial IoT and electronic equipment.
  • Renesas buys Panthronics (ElectronicsWeekly)
    Renesas has bought NFC specialist Panthronics AG in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition will enrich Renesas’ portfolio of connectivity technology, extending its reach into high-demand NFC applications in fintech, IoT, asset tracking, wireless charging, and automotive applications. NFC has emerged as a de facto standard in the digital economy and touches many aspects of daily ... The post Renesas buys Panthronics appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • Mycronic receives US order (Evertiq)
    Swedish Mycronic has eceived an order for an SLX mask writer from a new SLX customer, for delivery to the United States.
  • Chips Act money to have guardrails against benefiting adversarial countries (ElectronicsWeekly)
    Rules proposing how Chips Act money will come with ‘guardrails’ to stop its benefits reaching ‘adversarial’ countries, were announced by the US Department of Commerce yesterday. The DoC will now allow 60 days for comments on the proposed rules. “The innovation and technology funded in the CHIPS Act is how we plan to expand the ... The post Chips Act money to have guardrails against benefiting adversarial countries appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • Nvidia, TSMC, ASML and Synopsys accelerate litho process using GPUs (ElectronicsWeekly)
    NVIDIA’s  cuLitho software library for computational lithography is being integrated by TSMC, ASML and into their software, manufacturing processes and systems for NVIDIA’s Hopper architecture GPUs. “ NVIDIA’s introduction of cuLitho and collaboration with our partners TSMC, ASML and Synopsys allows fabs to increase throughput, reduce their carbon footprint and set the foundation for 2nm and ... The post Nvidia, TSMC, ASML and Synopsys accelerate litho process using GPUs appeared first on Electr...
  • Mathworks upgrades MATLAB and Simulink (ElectronicsWeekly)
    MathWorks has unveiled Release 2023a (R2023a) of the MATLAB and Simulink product families today. R2023a introduces two new products and enhanced features that allow engineers and researchers to develop, execute, manage, test,verify, and document their MATLAB code projects. MATLAB Test enables engineers and researchers to develop, execute, measure, and manage dynamic tests of MATLAB code ... The post Mathworks upgrades MATLAB and Simulink appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • IGBTs minimise conduction and switching losses (ElectronicsWeekly)
    onsemi has brought out a range of 1200V insulated-IGBTs that minimize conduction and switching losses. Intended to enhance efficiency in fast switching applications, the new devices will be primarily used in energy infrastructure applications like solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), energy storage and EV charging power conversion. The 1200 V Trench Field Stop VII (FS7) ... The post IGBTs minimise conduction and switching losses appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • ESA funds world’s first space flight particle contamination monitor (ElectronicsWeekly)
    The European Space Agency (ESA) is funding the manufacture of XCAM’s world first particle contamination monitor for space flight, which is described as a world first. The Northampton-based company designs and manufactures highly specialised custom and low-volume complex digital camera systems – providing bespoke imaging sensors – for challenging scientific applications, including space. The latest ... The post ESA funds world’s first space flight particle contamination mo...
  • Top Ten (+5) IC Companies (ElectronicsWeekly)
    Thanks to Semiconductor Intelligence for this one – the too 15 semiconductor companies: The post Top Ten (+5) IC Companies appeared first on Electronics Weekly.
  • Automotive traction inverter hits efficiency 98.5% at 5% load (and peaks at 99.57%) (ElectronicsWeekly)
    San Jose based Pre-Switch is reporting 98.5% efficiency at 5% load from its 800Vin ‘CleanWave2’ prototype inverter. Peak efficiency is 99.57%. It is a 100kHz forced-resonant, soft-switching inverter, controlled by an AI algorithm (more on the technology here). “Over a year ago we announced peak efficiency of over 99%. Since that time, we have been ... The post Automotive traction inverter hits efficiency 98.5% at 5% load (and peaks at 99.57%) appeared first on Electronics Week...
  • Ungluing a GaN charger (EDN News)
    USB-output battery chargers for smartphones, tablets and a host of other tech widgets are perpetually hot (I’m talking metaphorically here) sellers. This is particularly the case now that Apple, Google and other suppliers are no longer bundling them with their widgets, claiming that we consumers have already collected way more of them than we need
  • Zollner expands in the US, creating 100 new jobs in Virginia (Evertiq)
    The German EMS provider will invest a combined USD 18 million to expand in Virginia, growing its market presence in the U.S. and at the same time creating 100 new jobs.
  • Omni Design opens design centre in India (Evertiq)
    Omni Design Technologies, a provider of high-performance, low-power mixed-signal IP products, is opening a new design centre in Hyderabad, India.
  • Component obsolescence – how do you avoid the headache? (Evertiq)
    Component obsolescence is something unavoidable. It’s in the nature of our industry to keep innovating and thus leaving the old behind. But component obsolescence should not mean product obsolescence.
  • Schneider Electric breaks ground on its fifth plant in Hungary (Evertiq)
    Schneider Electric has broken ground on its latest EUR 40 million investment in Dunavecse, Hungary.
  • Using a MOSFET as a thermostatic heater (EDN News)
    The MOSFET in Figure 1 is used as both a heater and a temperature sensor in a thermostatic circuit. Figure 1 Circuit diagram for using a MOSFET as a thermostatic heater. The circuit can be used as a tiny thermostat for some biological structures in a Petri dish (typical set temperature is from 30॰C to 50॰C); other uses may include plastic cutting/welding, thermostating of electronic components, and even so
  • Samsung is looking to invest in Indian manufacturing (Evertiq)
    The South Korean electronics giant is reportedly looking to invest at set up smart manufacturing capabilities at its smartphone plant in Noida, India, in order to increase the competitiveness of the production.
  • Nano Dimension inaugurates European HQ (Evertiq)
    Nano Dimension has inaugurated its new European headquarters in Munich, Germany to further its commercial and R&D efforts.
  • Analysis software identifies SATCOM interference (EDN News)
    To mitigate SATCOM service degradation, real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) software from Keysight delivers up to 2 GHz of RTSA bandwidth. Running on the company’s N9042B UXA signal analyzer, the RTSA software allows satellite network operators to monitor satellite signals and interference to ensure the highest quality of service to users. <img decoding="async" loading="lazy" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4489744" src="
  • Entry-level MCUs pack 32-bit performance (EDN News)
    Renesas has expanded its RA family of 32-bit MCUs with two entry-level groups based on an Arm Cortex-M33 core with Arm TrustZone technology. The 100-MHz RA4E2 group and 200-MHz RA6E2 group are optimized for power efficiency and offer an easy upgrade path to other members of the RA family. <img decoding="async" loading="lazy" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4489747" src="
  • Piezo sounder driver helps maximize SPL (EDN News)
    Diodes’ PAM8906, a driver IC with a built-in synchronous boost converter, is capable of driving a piezoelectric sounder with outputs up to 36 VPP. The driver maintains high sound pressure level (SPL) output, while an auto on/off function prolongs battery-powered operation. <img decoding="async" loading="lazy" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4489750" src="" alt="" width="700" height="477" srcset="
  • Secure wireless MCU eases automotive designs (EDN News)
    The NCV-RSL15 MCU from onsemi brings Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity, embedded security, and ultra-low power to automotive applications. According to the manufacturer, the NCV-RSL15 is certified by the EEMBC as the industry’s lowest power secure wireless microcontroller. Designed to use as little power as possible, the device features a proprietary smart sense power mode to conserve battery power. <img decoding="async" loading="lazy" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4489753" src="https:...
  • LoRa transceiver offers global connectivity (EDN News)
    A low-power LoRa transceiver from Semtech, the LR1121 provides flexible multiband communication for IoT endpoints anywhere in the world. The device supports terrestrial ISM band communications in the sub-GHz and global 2.4-GHz spectrum, as well as the S-band for satellite connectivity. <img decoding="async" loading="lazy" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4489756" src="
  • 4 basic considerations in migrating to cloud-based EDA tools (EDN News)
    As the benefits of Moore’s Law begin to diminish while design complexity increases, there is a need for cost- and time-efficient solutions that can also provide exceptional performance and functionality while lowering power consumption. That’s why cloud-based electronic design automation (EDA) solutions are gaining popularity among chip designers and the cloud is becom
  • Set DC input-stage gain/attenuation over a 96dB range with PWM (EDN News)
    Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a simple and inexpensive (therefore popular!) way to implement moderate performance (e.g., 8 bit resolution low speed) digital to analog conversion, but improvising cheap DACs isn’t the only thing PWM can do. For example, Figure 1’s circuit illustrates using PWM to digitally set the analog gain of a versatile, robust, high (1 MΩ) input impedance, buffered output, DC input stage over a ~16 bit = 65280:1 = -48 dB to +48 dB attenuation/gain range. <div style="text-
  • Thunderbolt: Good industry-standard intentions undone by proprietary implementations (EDN News)
    As long-time readers may recall, last year I had an underwhelming experience in attempting to <a href="