BSDL Files Library for JTAG
The only free public library that contains thousands of BSDL (Boundary Scan Description Language) models to use with BS/JTAG tools
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Top viewed BSDLs
MCF5208 (1102) 
XC2C64A (793) 
BCM6421 (615) 
BCM5482 (598) 
XCF32P (574) 
BCM6510A0 (548) 
ATMEGA128 (527) 
XCF04S (451) 
XCF16P_VO48 (447) 
ELANSC520 (444) 
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Recently added BSDLs
R5S72690P266FP (10.04.16 01:04) 
P11_MRPLUS (07.04.16 10:24) 
MAX_10_10M02SCM153 (13.02.16 19:09) 
MPC8541 (12.02.16 14:20) 
CORTEXM3 (29.01.16 11:57) 
T2080 (08.12.15 16:16) 
Pentium_P54C (18.11.15 23:37) 
K24 (21.10.15 11:42) 
MPC8309 (21.10.15 11:42) 
MPC8308 (21.10.15 11:42) 
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Top BSDL vendors
Xilinx (1504)
Lattice Semi. (1061)
Altera (1056)
Cypress (769)
Actel (GateField) (582)
ARM Ltd. (391)
Texas Instruments (274)
Freescale (Motorola) (251)
[Unknown / Other Vendor] (210)
IDT (194)
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Most discussed BSDLs
IS61NLP102418 (2) 
XQR2V3000_BARE (2) 
D192P160 (1) 
STM32F103RB (1) 
PI7C8150_PBGA (1) 
MCF5208 (1) 
EP4CE6F17 (1) 
EP4CE55F29 (1) 
EP4CE22F17 (1) 
EP4CE22E22 (1) 
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Actel Dallas Semiconductor Intel National Semiconductor Samsung Xilinx
Actel (GateField) DEC Intersil NCR SGS/Thomson Zarlink (Mitel)
Alchemy Semiconductor eSilicon Lattice Semi. NEC Sharp Zarlink (Plessey)
Altera Freescale (Motorola) Level One Novatel Wireless Silicon Laboratories, Inc. (Cygnal) Zilog
AMD Fulcrum Microsystems LSI Logic Oak Technology, Inc. Texas Instruments ZSP Corp.
Analog Devices Gadzoox Networks Marvell Semiconductors OKI Semiconductor Tundra Semiconductor [Unknown / Other Vendor]
ARM Ltd. Galvantech Maxim Integrated Product Pericom Unigen Corporation
Atmel Graychip MicrochipTechnology Philips Semi. (Signetics) Unknown (11100001111)
Broadcom GSI Technology Micron Technology PLX Technology Unknown (11110000111)
Conexant (Rockwell) IBM MSC Vertriebs GmbH PMC-Sierra Vantis
Cypress IDT MUSIC Semiconductors Quality Semiconductor VLSI

This library contains 7689 BSDL files (for 6062 distinct entities) from 63 vendors
Last BSDL model (R5S72690P266FP) was added on Apr 10, 2016 01:04