BSDL Files Library for JTAG
The only free public library that contains thousands of BSDL (Boundary Scan Description Language) models to use with BS/JTAG tools
Latest Electronics News:
Calibrate voltage drops and interrupts before testing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Follow these techniques for calibrating a signal generator used to create drops and dips in power-supply voltage for testing automotive (or any other) electronics. Doing so automates measurements and reduces errors.
Guard techniques for high-Z test-point muxes (EDN Test and Measurement)
Large test systems can easily affect the DUT. Use the techniques described here to make your test system almost transparent.
Koh Young Highlights Latest Technology at SMT Hybrid Packaging Show (emsnow)
Low-voltage tests uncover low-temperature IC problems (EDN Test and Measurement)
Testing automotive ICs with low voltages let us find and eliminate failures that only occur at low temperatures.
2017 Automotive IC market heading for record year (Evertiq)
Electronic systems that improve vehicle performance; that add comfort and convenience; and that warn, detect, and take corrective measures to keep drivers safe and alert are being added to new cars each year.
Manz: No mandatory offer by Shanghai Electric (Evertiq)
Shanghai Electric Germany Holding GmbH has not exercised the option to conclude a voting agreement with primary shareholder Dieter Manz, CEO and founder of Manz AG, within the deadline period agreed upon in February 2016.
Cancelled tantalum supply contract for AMG (Evertiq)
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group has received a 'notice of cancellation' of its tantalum supply contract from its customer, Global Advanced Metals USA Inc. (GAM).
Mahle expands in Valencia (Evertiq)
Mahle’s takeover of electronics specialist Nagares SA, announced in March 2017, is now complete. Following approval by the antitrust authorities, the Spanish company will now be integrated into the group.
Jim Hackett gets to lead Ford Motor (Evertiq)
Ford Motor Company named Jim Hackett as its new president and CEO.
Northrop Grumman navigation system part of Cassini milestone (Evertiq)
Northrop Grumman' navigation system has provided critical capabilities for the attitude control of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft throughout its unprecedented journey to Saturn, including the first-ever dive through the narrow gap between the planet and its icy rings.
Whirlpool completes Greenville expansion (Evertiq)
Whirlpool has opened the expansion of its Greenville (Ohio/USA) Factory Distribution Center (FDC)., nearly doubling the size of the facility.
Eltek signs distribution agreement with NCAB Italy (Evertiq)
Israeli PCB manufacturer Eltek signed an agreement with NCAB Group Italy for the distribution of Eltek’s products in Italy.
Qualcomm signs JV for smartphone chipsets in China (Evertiq)
AC Capital, Leadcore, Qualcomm and Wise Road Capital have signed an agreement to form a joint venture to design and sell smartphone chipsets in China.
EC looks into Slovakia's state aid for Jaguar Land Rover (Evertiq)
The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether Slovakia's plans to grant EUR 125 million to Jaguar Land Rover for investing in a car plant in Nitra (Slovakia) are in line with EU rules on regional state aid.
1st transatlantic flight completed, May 27, 1919 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, a six-man crew flying a US Navy NC-4 seaplane from New York landed in the harbor of Lisbon, Portugal, marking the first time a plane crossed any ocean.
5G channel sounder rolls through the streets (EDN News)
At NI Week 2017, the AT&T 5G channel sounder took to the stage for a live demonstration video.
5G needs more bandwidth: LTC5553 mixer helps designers find it (EDN News)
Faster backhaul and fronthaul (basestation) links are critical to making 5G a reality
802.11ax: Not just another higher data rate (EDN Test and Measurement)
IEEE 802.11ax, with its dynamic spectrum allocation and power control, will require new test methods.
ASM Assembly Systems Hosts Successful Southern California E by SIPLACE Roadshow (emsnow)
Alpha to Feature Recycling Services and Innovative Products at Upper Midwest SMTA Expo & Tech Forum (emsnow)
Analyze noise with time, frequency, and statistics (EDN Test and Measurement)
Random processes such as noise and jitter are associated with all electronic circuit components. Noise can be characterized using digital oscilloscopes utilizing tools that operate in time, frequency and statistical domains.
Astronaut Sally Ride is born, May 26, 1951 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Sally Ride, who became the first American woman in space in 1983, was born in Los Angeles.
Connect signals to oscilloscopes, minimize errors (EDN Test and Measurement)
How you connect a circuit to an oscilloscope can have a significant effect on performance.
DIY DCV Calibrator & reference has under 70µV error (EDN News)
Learn precision techniques while building your own lab reference.
Detect and analyze EFT events (EDN Test and Measurement)
Electrical fast transients can disturb electronic circuits. Using an oscilloscope, you can find these pulses, display them, and calculate their characteristics as part of troubleshooting.
Digital oscilloscopes: When things go wrong (EDN Test and Measurement)
Learn how to avoid aliasing, false modulation, and false overshoot by properly using your oscilloscope settings.
Ersa Address All Users with the Highest Precision & Safety Rework Requirements at SMTA Empire Expo (emsnow)
Evaluate reference clocks for serial-data jitter specifications (EDN Test and Measurement)
Measurement techniques used for jitter don't let you predict how a reference clock will operate in a real application.
Fake ICs: Another weapon in their detection (EDN Test and Measurement)
A technology developed by engineers at BAE Systems promises to reduce the time and cost of identifying fake ICs before they reach their intended product assembly.
IGBT gate driver handles 8 A (EDN News)
Power Integrations’ SID1183K galvanically isolated single-channel gate driver targets 400 VAC and 690 VAC line applications.
IR thermometer works unattended (EDN News)
With its auto-capture function, the Fluke 64 MAX IR thermometer records up to 99 data points unattended to capture elusive temperature events.
ITRI launches Responsible Tin Supply group (emsnow)
Innovation times three with RUTRONIK EMBEDDED, RUTRONIK POWER, and RUTRONIK SMART (emsnow)
Inside an isolated RS-485 transceiver (EDN News)
This article focuses on isolated digital interfaces conforming to RS-485, which continues to be the industry’s workhorse standard for data transmission.
Introducing the first 16 nm semiconductor for space applications (EDN News)
Just like the commercial world, FinFET technology offers a lot of potential for the space industry. The RT-ZU19EG will deliver 10× the performance of the V5QV FPGA consuming similar power in the same package.
Mars 3 launches, May 28, 1971 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the USSR launched Mars 3, the first spacecraft to attain soft landing on Mars. Some 40 years later, amateur space enthusiasts rummaging through publicly available archived images may have identified Mars 3 lander debris on the surface of the planet.
Matrox Unveils New IP KVM Product Line for InfoComm 2017: Extio 3 (emsnow)
Meeting the Power Demands of Battery Supplied Automotive Electronics (EDN News)
Garden variety DC/DC regulators aren’t keeping pace with the evolution of automotive electronics and accessories
Mentor tries the low end…again…with PADS Maker (EDN News)
For the second time, Mentor offers up a low-cost PCB CAD package. And there’s even a free version!
Microsoft’s hardware support burden (EDN News)
Unlike Apple, Microsoft is not mercenary in culling old hardware from the new operating system support list, and has inherited a substantial burden in the process. Some amount of "glitching" is inevitable, but Microsoft can't even cleanly handle its own branded hardware.
Modern helicopter design flies, May 24, 1940 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the VS-300 helicopter was first demonstrated, making it the first American single main rotor helicopter.
Moog synthesizer inventor is born, May 23, 1934 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Robert Moog, credited with creating the first voltage-controlled subtractive synthesizer to utilize a keyboard as a controller in the Moog synthesizer, was born.
Move ICs from defects per million to defects per billion (EDN Test and Measurement)
Manufacturing and quality engineers need to find defects before they occur, especially for parts used in automotive and medical applications. You can predict failures if you collect and evaluate enough test data.
Multi-decade current monitor the epitome of simplicity (EDN Test and Measurement)
This DI will likely make the simplest piece of T&M gear on your bench.
National Instruments announces hot products during a cool NIWeek (EDN News)
Larry Desjardin reports on the latest products from National Instruments at NIWeek, including a new generation of LabView, a new 5G mmWave head, and the fastest FlexRIO modules to date.
Nordson ASYMTEK Receives Innovation and Vision Awards (emsnow)
Oscilloscope rise time and noise explained (EDN Test and Measurement)
Arthur Pini responds to an EDN reader who asked if the traditional relationship between rise time and bandwidth still applies. He also explains the relationship between rms and peak noise.
PDR Americas Introduces Enhanced IR-E3G Gold Rework System (emsnow)
Power driver design handles difficult loads, helps characterize PSUs (EDN Test and Measurement)
Dynamically testing and characterizing power supply subsystems can be tricky. This well-behaved driver circuit will simplify the task.
Product Engineering: The bridge between design and manufacturing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Product engineers at Maxim Integrated put first silicon through its paces, verifying specs and functions. They also make sure that test engineering has what it needs for manufacturing test.
RF energy: Measurements improve cooking, lighting, and more (EDN Test and Measurement)
RF energy, through the use of high-power solid-state amplifiers and feedback, could change the way we cook, light our homes, and power our vehicles. These applications are still in their infancy, but there's real potential.
SmtXtra Completes Transition to the ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Its Quality Management Systems (emsnow)
Star Wars is released, May 25, 1977 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the first film in the Star Wars series was released in movie theaters.
Step-down converters cut power dissipation (EDN News)
Maxim’s MAX17572 and MAX17574 DC/DC converters deliver up to 1 A and 3 A, respectively, while reducing power dissipation by 40%.
System models help correlate measurements to simulations (EDN Test and Measurement)
When measurements, especially in high-speed signal applications, don’t match measurements, you may need to include test probes and equipment in your models.
Teardown: The Tektronix P6042 current probe is a classic (EDN Test and Measurement)
The Tektronix P6042 current probe, introduced in 1969, allows you to understand and troubleshoot reactive circuits like switching power supplies, where the voltage and current waveforms are not in phase or proportional.
The confidence interval: How it relates to serial data links (EDN Test and Measurement)
The next time a young engineer says "I'm 99% sure of the result," ask if he or she has numbers to back up the claim.
Transceivers offer strong ESD protection (EDN News)
Two 50-Mbps RS-485/RS-422 transceivers, the ADM3065E and ADM3066E from Analog Devices, provide ±12 kV IEC ESD protection.
Vector signal analysis in an oscilloscope (EDN Test and Measurement)
See how a well-appointed oscilloscope can play the role of a complete vector-modulated-signal analysis system and experimentation laboratory.
Wireless scope module review (EDN News)
A nice looking scope module with some very major omissions.