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The only free public library that contains thousands of BSDL (Boundary Scan Description Language) models to use with BS/JTAG tools
Latest Electronics News:
World PCB market Up in 2016 says IPC (Evertiq)
World PCB production reached an estimated USD 58.2 billion in 2016, up 2.2 percent in real terms, while North American PCB production decreased a mere 0.1 percent, according to IPC’s World PCB Production Report for the Year 2016.
5G front haul, backhaul architectures present wireline test challenges (EDN Test and Measurement)
Although 5G is a wireless technology, networks still rely on wireline links. 5G will bring new test problems at the network level for engineers to solve.
Calibrate voltage drops and interrupts before testing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Follow these techniques for calibrating a signal generator used to create drops and dips in power-supply voltage for testing automotive (or any other) electronics. Doing so automates measurements and reduces errors.
Guard techniques for high-Z test-point muxes (EDN Test and Measurement)
Large test systems can easily affect the DUT. Use the techniques described here to make your test system almost transparent.
INTERFLUX Electronics Completes Testing on New Alloy at Ersa Demo Room (emsnow)
Machine learning improves production test (EDN Test and Measurement)
See how machine learning was applied to speed production test and increase yield.
Modified clock filters improve at-speed test (EDN Test and Measurement)
Adding programmable shift registers and separating the synchronization cell improved performance by minimizing delays and skew.
OTA testing to gain importance with 5G (EDN Test and Measurement)
Test and measurement will play a more strategic role compared to earlier wireless technologies, but test equipment and methods still need to undergo change as 5G technology develops.
Publisher’s Perspective: Engineers develop high-tech solutions to mitigate natural disasters & aid relief efforts (EDN News)
Engineers are deeply involved with disaster relief. We'd like your help to identify people and organizations worthy of attention, with the hope that the broader engineering community can do even more.
Electrolube opens R&D centre in China (Evertiq)
Things are moving along for the manufacturer of electro-chemicals. Electrolube recently announced that turnover for the first half of 2017 has increased 29% from the previous year, and now the company is opening a new R&D facility in Suzhou, China.
ebm-papst completes second construction phase (Evertiq)
Manufacturer of fans and motors, ebm-papst, has completed the second construction phase of its production facility (a EUR 15 million investment) in the St. Georgen-Hagenmoos commercial zone in Germany.
Delphi teams up with BlackBerry for autonomous driving OS (Evertiq)
Delphi Automotive has signed a commercial partnership agreement with BlackBerry Limited to provide the operating system for its autonomous driving system.
Benetel opens its first international office (Evertiq)
Benetel Ltd, an Irish provider of 4G/ LTE wireless radio solutions for the telecommunications market, has opened their first international office and R&D centre at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (PPNT) in Gdynia, Poland.
Ohmite Manufacturing and Future sign distribution agreement (Evertiq)
Future Electronics recently signed a global distribution agreement with Ohmite Manufacturing, a manufacturer of electronic resistors, heat sinks, heaters and custom assemblies.
Infineon to sell its Newport manufacturing site to Neptune 6 (Evertiq)
Infineon Technologies and a private company trading under the name Neptune 6 Ltd. have signed a definitive agreement under which Neptune 6 will acquire IR Newport Ltd., a subsidiary manufacturing site of Infineon.
Kraken awarded a new robotics contract (Evertiq)
Kraken Robotics’ subsidiary, Kraken Robotic Systems Inc. has been awarded a contract valued at over USD 2 million.
Texcel's selective soldering investment will soon arrive (Evertiq)
UK-based CEM Texcel Technology says that later this month the company will receive a brand new selective soldering machine.
WDC's Sandisk subsidiaries initiate new arbitration proceedings against Toshiba (Evertiq)
Western Digital says that several of its SanDisk subsidiaries have filed an additional Request for Arbitration with the ICC International Court of Arbitration related to three NAND flash-memory JVs operated with Toshiba.
1st FORTRAN program runs, September 20, 1954 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, FORTRAN was born, somewhat out of laziness.
8-bit MCU offers flexible interfacing (EDN News)
Housed in an economical SO-8 package, STMicroelectronics’ STM8S001 microcontroller provides I2C, UART, and SPI interface options.
802.11ax: Not just another higher data rate (EDN Test and Measurement)
IEEE 802.11ax, with its dynamic spectrum allocation and power control, will require new test methods.
A Negative Feedback Model for Transistors with Emitter/Source Degeneration (EDN News)
Emitter/source degeneration is a technique used to guard against drift in transistor parameters like beta. In addition, it helps linearize the small signal output.
Analyze noise with time, frequency, and statistics (EDN Test and Measurement)
Random processes such as noise and jitter are associated with all electronic circuit components. Noise can be characterized using digital oscilloscopes utilizing tools that operate in time, frequency and statistical domains.
Automotive adhesive secures high-rel electronics (EDN News)
UA-3307-B reworkable edgebond adhesive from Zymet enhances board-level reliability in automotive and other harsh-environment applications.
Buck-boost controller handles up to 150 V (EDN News)
The LTC3779 buck-boost switching regulator controller from Linear Technology operates over an input voltage range of 4.5 V to 150 V.
Build your own oscilloscope probes for power measurements (part 1) (EDN Test and Measurement)
When bandwidth and cost are limiting your measurements, consider building your own probes. In Part 1 of 2, learn what it takes to build a 1:1 and n:1 voltage probe.
Build your own oscilloscope probes for power measurements (part 2) (EDN Test and Measurement)
In this concluding part, learn how to design and construct an n:1 voltage probe and two high-frequency current probes.
CAN FD Chip eases design updates (EDN News)
New IC from Microchip lets you add CAN FD (flexible data rate) to new or existing designs.
COT Announces PB Swiss Tools Two New INSIDER Models: INSIDER STUBBY and INSIDER STUBBY RATCHET (emsnow)
Connect signals to oscilloscopes, minimize errors (EDN Test and Measurement)
How you connect a circuit to an oscilloscope can have a significant effect on performance.
CyberOptics Launches Coordinate Measurement Software Suite for New High Speed SQ3000 CMM System (emsnow)
Eight first places for Rutronik (emsnow)
Electrolube Opens State-Of-The-Art R&D Centre in China (emsnow)
Emoticons debut at Carnegie Mellon, September 19, 1982 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist suggested the use of what are now known as emoticons in online bulletin board posts. Since then, various patents on technologies and IP claims related to emoticons have been filed.
Evaluate reference clocks for serial-data jitter specifications (EDN Test and Measurement)
Measurement techniques used for jitter don't let you predict how a reference clock will operate in a real application.
Fake ICs: Another weapon in their detection (EDN Test and Measurement)
A technology developed by engineers at BAE Systems promises to reduce the time and cost of identifying fake ICs before they reach their intended product assembly.
How to Send Full-Duplex Data over 1000ft Single, Twisted-Pair, CAT-5 Cable (EDN News)
Higher data throughput, shorter response time, and lower installation costs are the key drivers behind the ongoing improvement efforts in industrial network design.
Increasing efficiency of offline flyback power conversion (EDN News)
The next generation of Power Integrations’ Innoswitch has somehow managed to improve the efficiency to a level of 94%.
LED lighting design considerations for smart cities (EDN News)
Whether for Smart Cities or not, don’t miss any details when designing LED lighting systems and associated sensor hubs.
Mini LED fits mobile devices (EDN News)
Leveraging a chip-scale package for even illumination, the Ceramos C compact LED from Osram is just 1.4×1.4×0.21 mm.
Multi-decade current monitor the epitome of simplicity (EDN Test and Measurement)
This DI will likely make the simplest piece of T&M gear on your bench.
NASA unveils 1st Space Shuttle, September 17, 1976 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Shuttle Enterprise was rolled out for the first time, starting a career that would make all other NASA Space Shuttles possible and doing so with a name encouraged by Star Trek fans.
Panasonic Introduces New NPM-W2S at SMTA International 2017 (emsnow)
Parker Prädifa XXL-Size Seals and Moulded Parts (emsnow)
Pickering Interfaces for European Microwave Week 2017 (emsnow)
Power Tips #80: Compensating for diode drop variations (EDN News)
As useful as the rectification properties of diodes are, the forward voltage drop they create can vary widely with temperature. This increases losses and can introduce tolerance errors in power supplies.
Power driver design handles difficult loads, helps characterize PSUs (EDN Test and Measurement)
Dynamically testing and characterizing power supply subsystems can be tricky. This well-behaved driver circuit will simplify the task.
Product Engineering: The bridge between design and manufacturing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Product engineers at Maxim Integrated put first silicon through its paces, verifying specs and functions. They also make sure that test engineering has what it needs for manufacturing test.
RF devices: Reliability is critical (EDN News)
Package designs are important in device reliability, something circuit designers may not think about.
Rutronik adds the low power IC NJU9101 from JRC to its portfolio (emsnow)
SCS Webinar to Address the Use of Parylene for Increased Reliability (emsnow)
SIMPLIS vs. SPICE: Which is Better for Simulating Power Circuits? (EDN News)
Which engine would you choose for your power supply circuit? By establishing the desired outcome from simulation, we can objectively compare the differences between the two engines in question, SIMPLIS and SPICE.
Self-driving cars are stuck at idle, while driver assistance accelerates (EDN News)
Self-driving may be overhyped right now, but some remarkable ADAS features are already on the road, with more about to ship.
System models help correlate measurements to simulations (EDN Test and Measurement)
When measurements, especially in high-speed signal applications, don’t match measurements, you may need to include test probes and equipment in your models.
TI enters calculator market, September 21, 1972 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Texas Instruments made its formal entrance into the electronic calculator market, moving the new consumer category along.
The confidence interval: How it relates to serial data links (EDN Test and Measurement)
The next time a young engineer says "I'm 99% sure of the result," ask if he or she has numbers to back up the claim.
Too many clip leads? Make your own organizer (EDN Test and Measurement)
Sometimes, all you need is a little engineering and some household materials to solve a problem. Best of all, no software needed.
Vector signal analysis in an oscilloscope (EDN Test and Measurement)
See how a well-appointed oscilloscope can play the role of a complete vector-modulated-signal analysis system and experimentation laboratory.
Voyager 1 takes 1st photos of Earth and moon, September 18, 1977 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, NASA’s Voyager 1 captured the first ever photos of the Earth and moon together in a single frame.
With 5G technology, the time is now (EDN News)
It may be years before you can make a 5G phone call, but there's a furious amount of preparation work happening right now, according to a survey conducted on behalf of Ixia.