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Latest Electronics News:
Speedboard invests in expansion (Evertiq)
Windsor-based CEM Speedboard Assembly Services, will - following year-on-year growth - invest in the expansion of its shop floor.
Calibrate voltage drops and interrupts before testing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Follow these techniques for calibrating a signal generator used to create drops and dips in power-supply voltage for testing automotive (or any other) electronics. Doing so automates measurements and reduces errors.
Generate PAM4 signals for receiver compliance testing (EDN Test and Measurement)
PAM4 signals, with their three eyes and small voltage levels make receiver tests a challenge. Changing eye height and adding impairments lets you characterize receivers and perform compliance tests.
Guard techniques for high-Z test-point muxes (EDN Test and Measurement)
Large test systems can easily affect the DUT. Use the techniques described here to make your test system almost transparent.
Low-voltage tests uncover low-temperature IC problems (EDN Test and Measurement)
Testing automotive ICs with low voltages let us find and eliminate failures that only occur at low temperatures.
Speedboard Assembly Services invests for the future (emsnow)
BOM: Galaxy S8 materials costs highest by far (Evertiq)
The new Samsung Galaxy S8 equipped with 64 gigabytes (GB) of NAND flash memory carries a bill of materials (BOM) cost that comes out to USD 301.60, much higher than for previous versions of the company’s smartphones.
U.S. Army orders more Q-53 counterfire radars from Lockheed Martin (Evertiq)
Lockheed Martin will manufacture additional AN/TPQ-53 counterfire radar systems for the U.S. Army under a USD 1.6 billion order-dependent contract.
Philips reports sales of EUR 5.7 billion in 1Q (Evertiq)
Philips reports sales of EUR 5.7 billion in 1Q/2017, with the HealthTech portfolio growing at 3 percent on a comparable basis.
Toshiba: spin-off into 4 'cores'; 19'000 employees to move (Evertiq)
Toshiba has decided to split off its four in-house companies into wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company splits will be effected on July 1st and after.
Asscon invests in Yxlon X-ray system (Evertiq)
Germany-based Asscon Systemtechnik Elektronik GmbH has expanded its capabilities for precise analysis with an X-ray system for 2D and 3D micro-focus AXI.
Nikon issues shot across the bows (Evertiq)
Nikon has initiated a series of legal actions in the Netherlands, Germany and Japan intended to halt infringement of its intellectual property by Dutch semiconductor lithography system manufacturer ASML and Carl Zeiss SMT.
Rutronik expanding in the UK (Evertiq)
Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH is expanding its team in the United Kingdom and is opening another office to boost the existing presence in Bolton (near Manchester).
Kongsberg in new strategic partnership with Simwave (Evertiq)
Kongsberg Digital and Simwave B.V. have formed a strategic partnership resulting in a contract for one of the most extensive Kongsberg maritime simulator deliveries to date.
Jabil's COO retires (Evertiq)
Jabil's Chief Operating Officer (COO) Bill Muir is retiring, effective December 31, 2017. He will continue to serve as COO during a transition period and then will serve as an advisor through the end of the year.
16-bit AWG runs up to eight channels (EDN News)
The AWG5200 series from Tektronix comes in two, four, and eight channel versions.
1st Chief Technology Officer of the US is named, April 18, 2009 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, President Obama named Aneesh Chopra the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States.
1st human killed in spaceflight, April 24, 1967 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov became the first in-flight fatality in the history of spaceflight when the Soyuz 1 crashed during its return to Earth.
1st video is uploaded to YouTube, April 23, 2005 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a 19-second video to the new video-sharing website and started a new era in information sharing.
802.11ax: Not just another higher data rate (EDN Test and Measurement)
IEEE 802.11ax, with its dynamic spectrum allocation and power control, will require new test methods.
ASSCON invests in YXLON X-ray system for its Technology and Demo Center (emsnow)
Assassins' Guild BBS raided for piracy, April 19, 1995 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, US Marshals worked with Microsoft and Novell to raid the Assassins' Guild BBS after claims of piracy.
Audio levels, dBu, dBV, and the gang: What you need to know (EDN News)
Audio levels and decibel standards are an endless source of confusion. Let’s clear the air.
Border control: Courtesy of electronics designers (EDN News)
I am not getting political here, but if there is going to be better border control, why a wall or fences? We’re electronics designers, so let’s strengthen border control with clever electronic design architectures.
Brooklyn 5G Summit 2017 wrap-up (EDN News)
Lauri Oksanen, VP Research and Technology at NSN-Nokia Solutions and Networks, gave a nice summary of the 2017 Brooklyn 5G Summit.
Century 21 Exposition opens in Seattle, April 21, 1962 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the Century 21 Exposition opened in Seattle. It was seen as a chance to demonstrate America’s scientific prowess after the Soviet launch of Sputnik and premiered the Space Needle.
Cirtronics to Highlight Box Build Capabilities at BIOMEDevice Show in Boston, MA (emsnow)
Competence and creativity flow together (emsnow)
Connect signals to oscilloscopes, minimize errors (EDN News)
How you connect a circuit to an oscilloscope can have a significant effect on performance.
Detect and analyze EFT events (EDN Test and Measurement)
Electrical fast transients can disturb electronic circuits. Using an oscilloscope, you can find these pulses, display them, and calculate their characteristics as part of troubleshooting.
Digital oscilloscopes: When things go wrong (EDN Test and Measurement)
Learn how to avoid aliasing, false modulation, and false overshoot by properly using your oscilloscope settings.
Evaluate reference clocks for serial-data jitter specifications (EDN Test and Measurement)
Measurement techniques used for jitter don't let you predict how a reference clock will operate in a real application.
FFTs and oscilloscopes: A practical guide (EDN Test and Measurement)
Understanding how oscilloscopes perform Fast Fourier Transforms lets you get the right results.
Firstbeat and Valencell Collaborate to Create Meaningful User Experience in Biometric Wearables and Hearables (emsnow)
J Robert Oppenheimer is born, April 22, 1904 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, American theoretical physicist and father of the atomic bomb, was born.
Mack Technologies Purchases 6th Pillarhouse Selective Soldering System (emsnow)
Mathematician George Stibitz is born, April 20, 1904 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, mathematical physicist George Stibitz, known as a father of the modern digital computer for his work on automatic computing, was born.
Move ICs from defects per million to defects per billion (EDN Test and Measurement)
Manufacturing and quality engineers need to find defects before they occur, especially for parts used in automotive and medical applications. You can predict failures if you collect and evaluate enough test data.
Multi-decade current monitor the epitome of simplicity (EDN Test and Measurement)
This DI will likely make the simplest piece of T&M gear on your bench.
Mycronic receives a repeat multipleorder for the MY600 Jet Printer (emsnow)
Octal ADC has picoamp input buffers (EDN News)
Linear Technology’s LTC2358-18 SAR ADC eliminates the front-end signal conditioning circuitry normally required to drive unbuffered inputs.
Oscilloscope rise time and noise explained (EDN Test and Measurement)
Arthur Pini responds to an EDN reader who asked if the traditional relationship between rise time and bandwidth still applies. He also explains the relationship between rms and peak noise.
PDR Americas Launches the First Intra-Ocular-Adjustable Thermal Sensor for High End Rework (emsnow)
Power analyzer captures fast transients (EDN News)
A three-phase power quality analyzer, the MPQ1000 from Megger measures power, energy, RMS, sags, swells, and transients down to 1 µs.
Product Engineering: The bridge between design and manufacturing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Product engineers at Maxim Integrated put first silicon through its paces, verifying specs and functions. They also make sure that test engineering has what it needs for manufacturing test.
RF energy: Measurements improve cooking, lighting, and more (EDN Test and Measurement)
RF energy, through the use of high-power solid-state amplifiers and feedback, could change the way we cook, light our homes, and power our vehicles. These applications are still in their infancy, but there's real potential.
Rutronik expanding in the United Kingdom (emsnow)
SHENMAO Technology, Inc. Joins iNEMI (emsnow)
Sensor offers adjustable sensitivity (EDN News)
Allegro’s A1377 linear Hall-effect sensor, with its broad sensitivity range and onboard diagnostics, is well-suited for automotive sensing.
Struggling towards 5G (EDN News)
EDN is no stranger to 5G, but now we’re getting serious. Read this overview to get started.
System models help correlate measurements to simulations (EDN Test and Measurement)
When measurements, especially in high-speed signal applications, don’t match measurements, you may need to include test probes and equipment in your models.
Teardown: The Tektronix P6042 current probe is a classic (EDN Test and Measurement)
The Tektronix P6042 current probe, introduced in 1969, allows you to understand and troubleshoot reactive circuits like switching power supplies, where the voltage and current waveforms are not in phase or proportional.
Teardown: Wi-Fi device offers clever power design (EDN News)
EDIMAX shows us how to develop a low-cost design flexible enough to use largely intact across multiple geographies' and countries' mains standards.
Thermocouples: Basic principles and design essentials (EDN Test and Measurement)
It takes carefully designed and implemented circuitry to design a high-accuracy thermocouple interface. The first step is to understand the underlying physics principles of this widely used temperature sensor.
USB Power Delivery: Compliance is essential (EDN Test and Measurement)
USB Power Delivery has many aspects that include protocols, sourcing, and sinking. Compliance test assures that your product will properly deliver and receive power.
Using a supercapacitor for power management and energy storage with a small solar cell, Part 1 (EDN News)
The first part of this series will examine solar cell performance, how to select and size the supercapacitor, requirements of supercapacitor charging circuits, and charging IC characteristics.
Using a supercapacitor for power management and energy storage with a small solar cell, Part 2 (EDN News)
This article will use two case studies to illustrate how to use supercapacitors with small solar cells.
Vector signal analysis in an oscilloscope (EDN Test and Measurement)
See how a well-appointed oscilloscope can play the role of a complete vector-modulated-signal analysis system and experimentation laboratory.
Voltage detector ensures stable operation (EDN News)
Useful for automotive and industrial applications, the R3152 window voltage detector from Ricoh is less sensitive to supply voltage noise.