BSDL Files Library for JTAG
The only free public library that contains thousands of BSDL (Boundary Scan Description Language) models to use with BS/JTAG tools
Latest Electronics News:
Calibrate voltage drops and interrupts before testing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Follow these techniques for calibrating a signal generator used to create drops and dips in power-supply voltage for testing automotive (or any other) electronics. Doing so automates measurements and reduces errors.
Guard techniques for high-Z test-point muxes (EDN Test and Measurement)
Large test systems can easily affect the DUT. Use the techniques described here to make your test system almost transparent.
Low-voltage tests uncover low-temperature IC problems (EDN Test and Measurement)
Testing automotive ICs with low voltages let us find and eliminate failures that only occur at low temperatures.
Meter safely tests telecom wiring (EDN News)
Megger’s MIT410TC-3 tests the insulation of twisted copper cable pairs, helping to identify problems that arise from exposed wire.
Zuken Announces XJTAG DFT Assistant for CR-8000 PCB design suite (emsnow)
Robotics industry will reach USD 237bn in global revenue by 2022 (Evertiq)
Consumer robots, enterprise robots, autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles growth is surging, overtaking traditional industrial robotics, says new report.
Rohde & Schwarz systems for London City Airport Digital Tower (Evertiq)
Rohde & Schwarz has been selected by British air traffic service provider NATS to supply and install the R&S VCS-4G voice communications system for the London City Airport digital tower project.
New CFO for Kongsberg (Evertiq)
Gyrid Skalleberg Ingerø is appointed new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Vice President of Kongsberg Gruppen ASA.
London Gatwick Airport installs Smiths Detection systems (Evertiq)
Smiths Detection, formerly Morpho Detection, secured a second contract with Gatwick Airport to supply and service eleven additional CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection systems (EDS).
Plexus reports on 3Q/2017 revenue increase (Evertiq)
US-based EMS-provider Plexus reported on USD 619 million revenue for its fiscal third quarter 2017 (ended July 1, 2017).
ST Electronics secures contracts worth about EUR 311m in 2Q/2017 (Evertiq)
ST Engineering's electronics arm, Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics), secured about SGD 490 million (EUR 311 million) worth of contracts in the second quarter (2Q) of 2017.
Murata & Sony get battery deal finalised (Evertiq)
Long time coming: the transfer of the battery business from Sony to Murata was first announced on October 31, 2016.
3M sells Tolling & Automated License/Number Plate recognition business (Evertiq)
3M has completed the sale of its tolling and automated license/number plate recognition business to Neology, Inc, a subsidiary of Smartrac.
Rutronik and AVX partnership going global (Evertiq)
Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH is now a global AVX distribution partner for AVX's entire product range.
Portwell releases COM EXPRESS® 3.0 Type 7 basic module (Evertiq)
Portwell, Inc. a world-leading technology innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) and embedded computing markets, empowering cloud and data center solutions with innovative network computing platforms, announces the release of the PCOM-B700G, a COM Express® 3.0 Type 7 Basic Module (125mm x 95mm) based on the Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family (codenamed Broadwell-DE).
1st American jet passenger airliner flies, July 15, 1954 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the first American jet passenger airliner prototype, the Boeing 367-80, took flight.
802.11ax: Not just another higher data rate (EDN Test and Measurement)
IEEE 802.11ax, with its dynamic spectrum allocation and power control, will require new test methods.
Analyze noise with time, frequency, and statistics (EDN Test and Measurement)
Random processes such as noise and jitter are associated with all electronic circuit components. Noise can be characterized using digital oscilloscopes utilizing tools that operate in time, frequency and statistical domains.
Apollo 11 launches, July 16, 1969 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, NASA’s Apollo 11 left Earth on a mission that would see the first humans walk on the moon.
Apollo 11 makes 1st manned landing on the moon, July 20, 1969 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Apollo 11 successfully made the first manned landing on the moon in the Sea of Tranquility taking "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
Buck regulator reduces EMI (EDN News)
With optional spread spectrum modulation, the LTC7124 buck regulator from Linear Technology minimizes radiated and conducted EMI noise.
COT Reduces Prices on SMT Nozzles & Consumables (emsnow)
Cascade topology-based Medium Voltage (MV) motor drives: Operation theory and silicon options (EDN News)
For higher voltage (≥2400 VAC) motor drives there are multiple topologies for designers to select from to suit the different technical or commercial requirements of the application. Recently, one particular topology, the Cascade H Bridge (CHB), has come to the fore. The basic operating principles of CHB-based drives will be explained in this article, along with a brief review of some suitable new power modules.
Catenary feed seems like it can’t possibly work, yet it does (EDN News)
The dilemma is that I know the high-power catenary system works, yet my “gut” tells me such a high-speed sliding-contact carrying hundreds of amps can’t really work well.
Choosing Between Thermal Greases and Thermal Phase Change Materials (emsnow)
Cogiscan Partners with iBASEt for Automated Electronics Assembly (emsnow)
Conecsus Presents SMT Metals Waste Recycling Solutions at SMTAI 2017 (emsnow)
Connect signals to oscilloscopes, minimize errors (EDN Test and Measurement)
How you connect a circuit to an oscilloscope can have a significant effect on performance.
Designing fast, isolated microamp current sources: Part 2 (EDN News)
Need to test photodiode receivers or provide isolated megahertz current signals? Here’s an in-depth design guide.
Detect and analyze EFT events (EDN Test and Measurement)
Electrical fast transients can disturb electronic circuits. Using an oscilloscope, you can find these pulses, display them, and calculate their characteristics as part of troubleshooting.
Digicom Electronics Receives AS9100:2016 (RevD) Aerospace and ISO 9001:2015 Certifications (emsnow)
Digital oscilloscopes: When things go wrong (EDN Test and Measurement)
Learn how to avoid aliasing, false modulation, and false overshoot by properly using your oscilloscope settings.
Evaluate reference clocks for serial-data jitter specifications (EDN Test and Measurement)
Measurement techniques used for jitter don't let you predict how a reference clock will operate in a real application.
Fake ICs: Another weapon in their detection (EDN Test and Measurement)
A technology developed by engineers at BAE Systems promises to reduce the time and cost of identifying fake ICs before they reach their intended product assembly.
Farewell dossier proves US tech and research stolen, July 19, 1981 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, documents collected by an engineer turned spy proved the Soviets had been stealing American technological research and development.
High-side driver boasts 100% duty cycle (EDN News)
A high-side N-channel MOSFET driver, the LTC7001 from Linear Technology operates with a supply voltage of up to 150 V.
Home reflow sees the light (EDN News)
There are many home reflow oven projects out there, but this one is blindingly good.
Industrial supplies tout 7-year warranty (EDN News)
With its latest additions, TDK-Lambda’s RWS-B series of power supplies offers a choice of seven power levels, ranging from 50 W to 1500 W.
Intel is founded, July 18, 1968 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Intel was founded by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore who left Fairchild Semiconductor to do so.
LTE deployment continues: All the world is not 5G (EDN News)
Although 5G is coming, it's a few years away from even early real deployments. In the meantime, the wireless industry is still moving ahead with upgrading to LTE.
Laser pioneer Gordon Gould is born, July 17, 1920 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Gordon Gould, a physicist who played a major role in inventing the laser, was born.
Mariner 4 flies by Mars, July 14, 1965 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, American space probe Mariner 4 passed within 6,200 miles of Mars, capturing the first close-up images of the Martian surface.
Mirtec Europe Announces Winner of Annual Charity Event (emsnow)
Modbus decoder troubleshoots PLCs (EDN News)
Pico Technology has added Modbus ASCII and RTU decoding and analysis capabilities to its PicoScope USB-based PC oscilloscope.
Move ICs from defects per million to defects per billion (EDN Test and Measurement)
Manufacturing and quality engineers need to find defects before they occur, especially for parts used in automotive and medical applications. You can predict failures if you collect and evaluate enough test data.
Multi-decade current monitor the epitome of simplicity (EDN Test and Measurement)
This DI will likely make the simplest piece of T&M gear on your bench.
New Dymax 1406-M Medical Adhesive available now from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe (emsnow)
Oscilloscope rise time and noise explained (EDN Test and Measurement)
Arthur Pini responds to an EDN reader who asked if the traditional relationship between rise time and bandwidth still applies. He also explains the relationship between rms and peak noise.
Power driver design handles difficult loads, helps characterize PSUs (EDN Test and Measurement)
Dynamically testing and characterizing power supply subsystems can be tricky. This well-behaved driver circuit will simplify the task.
Product Engineering: The bridge between design and manufacturing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Product engineers at Maxim Integrated put first silicon through its paces, verifying specs and functions. They also make sure that test engineering has what it needs for manufacturing test.
RF energy: Measurements improve cooking, lighting, and more (EDN Test and Measurement)
RF energy, through the use of high-power solid-state amplifiers and feedback, could change the way we cook, light our homes, and power our vehicles. These applications are still in their infancy, but there's real potential.
Switching regulators boost efficiency (EDN News)
CUI expands its lineup of nonisolated DC switching regulators with four series of devices that achieve typical efficiency of up to 96%.
System models help correlate measurements to simulations (EDN Test and Measurement)
When measurements, especially in high-speed signal applications, don’t match measurements, you may need to include test probes and equipment in your models.
TRI Redefines High Speed Inspection at NEPCON South China 2017 [ (emsnow)
The art of powering wearable electronics (EDN News)
The wearables market currently is composed primarily of wristbands and smart watches. The biggest challenge for wearable devices has been keeping these devices properly and conveniently powered.
The confidence interval: How it relates to serial data links (EDN Test and Measurement)
The next time a young engineer says "I'm 99% sure of the result," ask if he or she has numbers to back up the claim.
Too many clip leads? Make your own organizer (EDN Test and Measurement)
Sometimes, all you need is a little engineering and some household materials to solve a problem. Best of all, no software needed.
Transceiver boosts ESD protection (EDN News)
A half-duplex RS-485/RS-422 transceiver, the LTC2862A from Linear Technology provides ±40 kV HBM and IEC Level 4 ESD protection.
Ucamco provides reference Gerber file viewer to the Gerber user community ? free of charge. (emsnow)
Vector signal analysis in an oscilloscope (EDN Test and Measurement)
See how a well-appointed oscilloscope can play the role of a complete vector-modulated-signal analysis system and experimentation laboratory.